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Website News

Welcome to this, the first round of news for the CambsArt website!

At the time of writing (August 2022) we are just getting under way with setting up CambsArt as a small business. The framing workshop is up and running, mainly housed in Helen’s Summer house, but with the big material cutting machine living in her garage, alongside her six foot long model railway locomotive!

The website is live, but not fully populated with all the information our customers will need. We have an Instagram account in place. Please bear with us, and in the meantime, do contact us directly to chat about our art and your wishes.

We have our first active sales event in September, with a stand at the long-running Elsworth Show, and we are busily preparing a variety of framed paintings, drawings, and photographs to put on show. Who knows, we may use our hand-held credit card reader for the first time!

Depending on progress with CambsArt, we are considering setting up our own gallery in the local area. It is likely to be small but cosy. Watch this space!

And finally, here is Helen’s latest water colour painting. The butterfly landed on Helen’s hand and stayed long enough for her to take a photo with her other hand. She then set to with some fine brushes and produced this charming butterfly portrait.

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