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At CambsArt we take every care to provide you with good quality artwork.  We understand that sometimes things can go wrong so we would like to outline our returns policy should this unlikely event happen.

  • Any request for return should be sent to within 24 hours of the artwork arriving at your address.

  • Reason for return should be clearly stated.  As these pieces of art are limited in number or unique in the case of original paintings and drawings, CambsArt reserves the right to refuse refund should the reason for return is invalid.

  • Any return will be at the purchasers own cost and risk. 

  • In the event of in transit damage being the cause of return, then photographic evidence should be supplied to CambsArt with the original request for return.

  • CambsArt reserve the right to offer an alternative piece of artwork and, should this be accepted, this will be on a no-return basis and will close the original request.

  • Refunds and returns are not available for original artwork.

  • Refunds and returns are only available for limited edition prints and photographic prints.

  • In normal circumstances, original artwork cannot be replaced as there is no duplicate available, therefore, the buyer will be aware of what they are purchasing and no refund would be due.  If, however, the artwork is damaged in transit, then the buyer should contact CambsArt within 24 hours of its delivery and provide photographs showing the damage caused to the painting.  CambsArt will investigate the issue with the courier.  The artwork would need to be returned to CambArt to initiate a refund.


Artwork is always a personal taste and therefore it is difficult to see when a return would be applicable, unless the frame or mount has been damaged in transit.  However, CambsArt will always pack your artwork carefully in an effort to reduce this possibility.

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